As caregivers, you are caring for, loving, watching out for, helping, protecting and aiding another. You are either the primary or at least one of the keepers for that person. So, who is your keeper?

“’The Lord is your keeper; the Lord is your shade on your right hand.”Psalm 121:5

The psalmist discusses who our protector is – our lord. He is our keeper. He is our shade or shelter on our right hand.

No one knows better than a caregiver what this verse means for us. You know what you do to care for another. You know how much you care for and love that person – so think how much more God cares for and loves you! You want to do anything in your power to watch over and protect your loved one from harm, don’t you?

Well, so does God – yet, obviously, he does much better than we do. We can only do so much. We get tired and need sleep and rest. We know the limitations we have and what we just can’t handle.

However, God is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-sufficient and ever-watchful. He not only created you – but everyone and everything on heaven and earth. He has your best interest at heart and he’s always on guard for you – night and day. He never sleeps. (Ps. 121:2-4)

Not only is God our helper, but he is also our protector and guard. This one short verse illustrates God protecting us in three different phrases. He is protecting us as our keeper or watchman; he is protecting us from the heat in the day and through the unknowns (to us) at night by being our shade; and he is protecting us at our right hand. The right hand is the protector’s place – and a place of refuge. Psalm 109:31 says:

“For he stands at the right hand of the needy one, to save him from those who condemn his soul to death.”

The Pulpit Commentary also mentions that protection was especially needed on the right side because it was the side that no shield guarded. So this means the right side was the most vulnerable spot for attack! God is standing next to us where we need him most.

My Prayer:

Dear Lord, thank you so much for being our keeper – our caregiver. We know what it means to love someone and want to do all we can for that person – to protect them and guard them from trouble. Yet, we know we can’t be there at all times – no matter how good our intentions or actions. How comforting and reassuring it is to know that you can and you are! You made each and every one of us. You know everything there is to know about us and all that is going on around us. You NEVER sleep. Your attention never wavers. You know where we are most vulnerable. So, that’s where you are – to give us safety and shelter.

You are right by our side! Our right or vulnerable side. Thank you for being such a loving, caring and watchful shepherd for your flock. You are our helper, keeper, protector and guard. When we struggle, Lord, with our responsibilities to care for our loved ones and ourselves, please help us to think of this verse to give us the confidence, reassurance and that peace you desire us to have. You are our keeper! Amen.