Are you down trodden? Are you in trouble? Is a person out to hurt you or a situation seemingly hopeless? Have you sought help, but just cannot seem to fight it? Don’t lose hope. Others may have let you down or are unable to help you, but you can trust in God. Don’t put your trust in yourself or others – put your trust in God.

Oh grant us help against the foe, for vain is the salvation of man! With God we shall do valiantly; it is he who will tread down our foes. – Ps 108:12-13 (ESV)

This is the exact same verse as Ps 60:11-12. Word for word. Any time we see a word, much less a verse or verses, repeated in the Bible – we should take notice. It’s a matter of emphasis. These particular words are a prayer that follows an expression of grief or lamenting seeking help from God.

As I often do when I read scripture – one of my first thoughts is – okay, I’m not alone. I’m not the only person who feels this way. As in this instance, I’m not (or a loved one of mine) is not the only person hurting or with troubles and feeling helpless! What is going on in our lives right now is not a surprise to God! He knows we are in a world that has many difficulties and hardships. He knows there is evil. He knows we have foes who are against us. He knows that even our own thoughts within us can destroy us. He is waiting to help us! For whatever reason – we usually go to many other sources first. It may be even friends or family or others in high or powerful positions. They may even try to help – but, eventually – we finally realize that they are of no help. We realize, as in the verse above, Ps 108:12 & 60:11, that it is worthless to just seek the help of man! It is vain – futile and empty. Our only source of help is God – Ps 108:13 & 60:12!

We can trust God! Only God is worthy of our trust. Put your confidence in and firm belief and faith in God. Ps 146:3. It’s best to take refuge in him. Ps 118:8. We are blessed if we trust in God. Ps 40:4. Trust in him at all times. Pour out your heart before Him. Ps 62:8. If we trust in him, do good, delight ourselves in the Lord, be still and wait patiently for him – he will give us the desires of our heart, bring forth righteousness and justice and he will act! Ps 37:3-7. Or as it says in our verse above – He will do valiantly! He won’t just do – but will do mightily, triumphantly and with strength, efficiency and worthily!

When our foes or troubles are against us – we may try to push them down. But that to me implies they will just get back up. We have no strength or staying power. Yet God does. It is God who will tread them down – it is he who will defeat them! Ps 108:13, 60:12, Ps 44:5b

My Prayer:

Lord, thank you for loving us and for being so faithful. You are so worthy of our trust. Forgive us – forgive me – for not thinking of you first when I or those I love need help. Forgive me when many of my prayers seem more like last resort cries for help to you. You are real. You want to help. May I begin living my life with that truth! I’m so thankful that you are so patient with us and that you understand our struggles. In Jesus Christ’s name I pray. Amen.